Lorenzo Gutierrez

My concentration is based off of photos I took and edited to look like old style photos. I photoshopped scratches and stains to make them appear older I also made them into black and white photos to give it a more authentic look. I tried to create photos that when someone looks at them they either don’t know it’s a modern photo or they know but it reminds them of history. The photos I took were of protest because I feel like it’s history repeating itself. The photos represent tough times in the world such as The Women’s Civil Rights movement, war protest, and The Great Depression to name a few. I tried to capture a strong message in each photo and show emotion.

concentration part 2The Resistance


IMG_6627Fight for Equality


IMG_6660Stand with Her


IMG_6502History Repeats Itself

IMG_6581For My People

IMG_6626Fight White Power


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