Melissa Cruz

My concentration focuses on the positive connections between people and natural environments.  I used my work to illustrate how it can be used for stress relief, for peace of mind, or in a therapeutic or spiritual sense.


All works were a mix of markers, watercolors, and inks on paper.

The first drawing shows a girl who’s feet are implanted into the ground, transforming into roots to show how she feels close to the earth in a way that is like home. The next is a man in a suit, the grays representing the monotony of city life, and his closed umbrella showing how he’s allowing the rain to pour on him, allowing flowers to blossom from his shoulders.  Third is a girl who’s skin is morphed with cheetah print, as she relaxes in a tree, symbolizing the relation between animals and people.  The last shows a distressed girl, sitting in the woods seeking happiness from her surroundings as the animals come as reassurance, and the water forms a figurative blanket of comfort over her


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