Aaron Gallegos

In my concentration I wanted to explore the idea of space and what it means to me, and I thought  the best way to do that is the use of symbolism, using all different shapes and patterns to give meaning to these different planets and entities. I thought the best way to to do this is through block prints, where i carved my pictures into blocks and put them on paper, as a sort of stamp.


Sun Rays: Block print on paper

Really wanted to capture the representation of the sun with how everything flows through it and how its the key to Earth’s survival and how its our center.


VEranus: Block print on paper


Earth Flow: Block Print on Paper

This piece was meant to present our Earth and our elements, its to show how its the four key structures that build up our society and what it meant to me.


Lunas: Block Print on Paper

Its meant to represent the moon and its different phases around the earth, also it shows the key emphasis on its orbit around the the earth and how it creates eclipses.


Blazing Sun Ray: Block Print on Paper


Neptoon: Block Print on Paper


Sun piece: Block print on paper


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