Dayami Alcaraz

My concentration consists of a story I wrote when I was in the 5th grade. The story is about a girl who is living in a world where two diverse people didn’t see eye to eye. Found and raised on the Christian side (due to a war) her stay in Ace didn’t last for due to the hatred to her step sister over an accident, she was later thrown in the woods and found the people she once lived with. Now living in a secret cave village she experienced both worlds but seeks the change to make both sides to get along. Even if she has to change her appearance to attempt at making a change. Each display tells a piece of the story.


Medium: Paper, Watercolor, Pen


Medium: Paper, Watercolor, Pen


Medium: Paper, Watercolor


Medium: Paper, Watercolor, Pen


Medium: Paper, Watercolor, Pen


Medium: Paper, Watercolor, Pen


Medium: Paper, Watercolor, Pen


Medium: Paper, Watercolor


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